Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shortcuts and Function Keys

Listed below are some Function Keys and Shortcuts that you can use in Sage Accpac ERP.

Using Function Keys - The following function keys or “Hot Keys” provide you with shortcuts:

F1 Key - Displays online help. Available anywhere in ACCPAC.
F5 Key - Displays a finder window to select records from.
F7 Key - Displays the information for a record (go button).
F9 Key - Enlarge the selected record to display more information about the record (zoom Button).

Using Menu Commands & Buttons:
Data entry forms display similar menus (for example, file and help menus) Thus you need to become familiar with only a few commands and buttons to work with ACCPAC data entry forms.
Advantage Series: Using Keyboard Functions instead of the Mouse:

Alt + S - Use to save changes made to the displayed record.
Alt + D - Use to delete the displayed records.
Page Up - Navigation buttons
Page Down - Navigation buttons
Ctrl + Page Up - Navigation buttons
Ctrl + Page Down - Navigation buttons
Alt + E - Use to set criteria to specify records to display in the finder.

Editing Columns of Data:

Insert - insert a blank row to add a new record.
Delete - remove a selected row.
Tab or Enter - Go to the next or previous column in a list.
Up or Down Arrows - Go up or down one row.
Right or Left Arrows - Go right or left in a column.
Page Up - Go to the top row in a view.
Page Down - Go to the bottom row in a view.
Home - Go to the first row in a list.
End - Go to the last row in a list.

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