Monday, January 29, 2007

Removing the print confirmation when printing directly to printer

When printing to a printer, the printer driver confirmation window prompts the user to enter the number of copies to print. In addition, it offers the option to change the printer options for the job at print time. If you are in a secure environment where printing privileges are restricted for security or other reasons, you may not want to offer certain users the ability to print multiple copies of a report.

You can bypass this prompt and force ACCPAC to only send one copy to the printer, on a user-by-user basis. In each user's PLUSUSER.INI file, you should find in the [options] section the following line:

confirm on print=yes

Changing the value of the above setting to "no" removes the printer driver prompt at print time and forces the document through directly to the specified printer.

If you are intending to use this feature to restrict the number of copies a user can print of a specific report, this setting alone will not be sufficient, as the user would still be able to return to the print UI and select the reprint option; that would enable them to generate a duplicate copy. To prevent this, you will need to customize the UI through Administrative Services -> UI profile Maintenance to remove the reprint select boxes in each of the print UIs, when you would like to restrict this function.

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